April 9, 2020

Safe at Home

Vultures in Wait

Happy Thursday, Everyone!! I hope this post finds you happy and healthy along with moderately sane. Haha!!

So, here I am. I am on Day 28 of Safe at Home due to Covid-19. The last few weeks have been a bit of a challenge, to say the least. I am working from home, my oldest is trying to finish his Senior year in College online and my 6th grader is also doing online work. Most of the time, our internet is able to keep up but there are times when we keep getting kicked off. It's okay, though. I'm not complaining because we are here together, safe at home. To help manage this unique situation, we have been taking walks up and down our country road and I have been running. During one of my runs, I happened to notice movement in an old barn on my road. I ran home, grabbed my camera and headed back to it. Low and behold, there were two turkey vultures in the window at the top of the barn. Just lying in wait for their prey, their next victim. That is how I see this virus. It is a vulture, lying in wait for its next victim. By staying safe at home, we are staying away from the vultures, as beautiful and majestic as they are.

To keep my mind occupied, I have been doing a lot of nature and landscape photography. I have also been taking photos of my mini-me. I really love what I do and not being able to photograph is tough. I have been doing a Photo of the Day on my Facebook page to bring a little fun and something different to Facebook land. If you are interested, you can find me on Facebook at: EdenPhotography333 My profile photo is a hummingbird flying near a dahlia so you know it is the right page. Like and follow my page to see my daily photos.

So what does that mean for me as a photographer from a business standpoint? As mandated by the State of Ohio, it is illegal for me, or any other photographer, to photograph any sessions, outdoor or otherwise, during the Stay at Home Order. We are considered Non-Essential. What that means is that I can take my own personal photos to use for marketing, I can update my FB page, I can update my website, do paperwork, etc. You may see and hear of other photographers doing porch sessions or private outdoor sessions. That goes against the Stay at Home Order. As my business is a legal business with the State of Ohio and IRS, I am going to follow the letter of the law. Therefore, I will not be conducting any photography sessions, outdoor or otherwise, until the Stay at Home Order has been lifted for the State of Ohio.

However, I am able to sell sessions for a future date, to be determined. Therefore, if you know you would like to have a session with me at some point later this year, you are able to pre-pay for that session with the knowledge that it will be completed once it is safe, legally and physically, to do so. Not only are you securing yourself a spot on my calendar, you are helping a small business keep up with their expenses while being unable to work.

I am also searching for Senior Ambassadors for the Class of 2021 for TVHS and surrounding school districts. If you have an upcoming Senior, or someone you know has an upcoming Senior, please contact me for details via the page on the menu or through my Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you!! Thank you for helping me follow my dreams and turn them into a reality!