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Hi, I'm Angie! It is so nice to meet you! I am an Ashville, Ohio photographer with country girl roots living among the corn fields of Pickaway County. I am a wife, a mother, a reader, a runner, and an artist chasing my dream of photography. My favorite color is purple and I love it so much that I have purple streaked in my hair and I even drive a purple Jeep Wrangler. I am a tattoo loving girl who is silly and sarcastic and a little bit eccentric. If you have not already heard it, make sure to ask me about my terrible frog joke during one of our sessions. Oh!! And I LOVE to garden!! I am not very good at it and have only managed to grow a few things but I keep trying and that is all that matters, right?

When I was trying to settle on a name for my business, I did not want to go with the norm and use my name with the word photography after it. I wanted something that was unique to me, and my family. Something that would stand out against the rest. As a way to carry on the legacy of my parents, especially my mom, I decided to go with Eden Photography. It encompasses my love of nature photography and my love of human photography.

I love to create images that are true to my clients and illustrate their unique personality. My style is vibrant and rich, wrapped up in down to earth, warm, true to life photos that are crisp and the very best reflection of you.

One of my favorite things to do is celebrate your milestones; First Birthday, Tender Thirteen, Sweet Sixteen, Senior year, and Graduation. Heck, are you turning 40 or 50? Reach out and we can do an adult version of a cake smash session. Wine and cake included!! I love to honor the special bond between friends and families; whether it be partners, parents and their children, parents and their parents, and every relationship in between.

I also absolutely adore individual portrait photography! There is nothing like working one on one with a client and bringing out their amazing personality and quirkiness through my lens.

For each and every single one of my clients, I try to tailor their sessions to them. I do not want their photos to reflect my version of them; I want their photos to show who they really are. To forever memorialize their passion, their spirit, and their energy. I want to get to know them; their hobbies, their likes, and their passions. I want their true, beautiful, amazing self to shine through in each and every single photo of them. I want to laugh with my clients and to cry with them. I want them to become a part of my circle and I want to become a part of their circle. For me, photography is not just about the is about honoring the bonds we humans have. With each other, with families, partners, friends, and even pets. It is about capturing those special moments that will last a lifetime and it is about revealing what is unique about each and every single one of us and forever encasing it in our time capsule of life.

As one of the premier individual portrait photographers in Pickaway County, my work has been published in several magazines including Shutter Up Magazine, Kid Model Magazine, Brand Model Magazine, Bare Bones Boudoir Magazine, Youthful Talent Magazine, and Shades of Laurel Magazine.

I would love it if something you have read resonates with you and makes you feel a little bit more comfortable about reaching out to a total stranger and inviting them to photograph your world and those you hold dear. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and my passion for the craft of photography and thank you for following along with me on this amazing journey.

"If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life." ~Marc Anthony

Love to all,


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“Would highly recommend Angie. She is absolutely the sweetest lady and was so patient with my 2 year old. She takes amazing pictures, it was hard to choose just a couple of pictures cause they were all so good. Will be using her in the future.”


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