May 27, 2020

A Tale of Two Edits

Bright or Light?

I have a short and sweet one for you today, my friends. One thing I have learned about photography is that every photo is different. Every client is different. Every photo for the same client is different. This is a story of the same photo, but two different edits. Personally, I like photos that are bright, vibrant, and grab someone's attention. Photos that are true to the world around us like the cover photo for this blog.

However, not everyone likes that style. There are others that like more muted backgrounds, photos that are a little less saturated with color. And guess what? That is okay, too. While I prefer the bolder, more vibrant photos, I can adapt my editing style to match my client. I want their photos to represent them and what they want, not my idea of what their photos should be. This particular client? She likes bright and bold so she knows that is what she will get from me. My next client may want more muted tones and if so, that is exactly what they will get from me. It's all about the craft. So when scheduling a session with me, one of the questions I am going to ask you is the type of finished product you like. That way, I can tailor the session around you~from beginning to end.