March 15, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Cautiously still booking...

Good morning!! I wanted to provide a quick update regarding the Coronavirus and Eden Photography.

~While I do not have a studio, I have photographed indoor photo sessions in the past. I will not be doing any indoor sessions for the foreseeable future. My daughter has pre-existing lung issues with a history of recurrent pneumonia so I need to do everything possible to keep her safe. If you have an indoor session booked with me currently, please know that I will be in contact with you so we can discuss.

~I will, however, photograph outdoor sessions as long as you or your family have not been sick leading up to the time of the session and as long as I have not been sick leading up to the time of the session. Please also make me aware if there has been any exposure to the virus because if there is, we will reschedule. I will do the same for you. Not only is the health and well being of my family important to me; the health and well being of your family is important to me.

~If you decide to book an outdoor session with me, I will be waiving my non-refundable deposit for the foreseeable future; including sessions scheduled between now and at least the end of May. This is to help ensure both parties feel comfortable booking the session knowing they may need to cancel due to illness. I realize this is a risk I am taking financially, but I want to stress that health and wellness for all families comes first, especially in this situation. I will also be following the social distancing guidelines during the shoot to protect all parties. I have different lenses that will make it easy for me to adhere to these guidelines.

~I think that is all that I have for the time being. I will let you know if anything changes. Thank you so much for continuing to follow along on this journey!!

Flower photo attached to show the beauty of Spring and Summer is on its way. 💜Angie💜